Biffle, Said have at it in Watkins Glen

Greg Biffle should be on the lookout for race altercation between the two at Watkins Glen International.

While Marcos Ambrose celebrated his first Sprint Cup Series win, Biffle and Said had a heated confrontation in the garage area.

Both drivers were furious with each other for different reasons at the conclusion of the 92-lap race. Biffle was irate after Said triggered a horrifying multi-car crash that involved David Reutimann and Biffle's Roush Fenway Racing teammate, David Ragan, on the final lap. Said got into the back of Ragan, who then collected Reutimann and put him hard into the tire barrier. Reutimann's car flipped around in the air after the impact.

Said, a race course expert and occasional Cup competitor, had a beef with Biffle when the two bumped each other several times during the closing laps. Biffle was running one lap behind after he ran out of fuel and stalled on the track earlier in the race.

When the two had pulled into the garage, Biffle approached Said and allegedly threw a couple of punches at him while he was still in his car. After Said hopped out of his No.51 Chevrolet, Biffle had protection from his crew members on the No.16 team.

Said then engaged in a shoving match with some of Biffle's crew.

"He is the most unprofessional little scaredy cat I've ever seen in my life," Said responded. "He wouldn't even fight me like a man. So, if someone texts me his address, I'll go see him at his house on Wednesday and show him what he really needs. He needs a whooping, and I'm going to give it to him. He was flipping me off, giving me the finger. It's totally unprofessional. I mean he is a chump.

"I went over there to go talk to him. He wouldn't even let me get out of the car. He comes over and throws a few little baby punches and then, when I get out, he runs away and hides behind some big guys. But he won't hide from me long. I'll find him. I won't settle it out on the track. It's not right to wreck cars, but he'll show up at a race with a black eye one of these days. I'll see him somewhere."

Biffle, who finished 31st, did not immediately comment on the altercation, but later responded on his Twitter account.

"1st of all I want to make sure everyone sees the wreck between David and David," he tweeted. "Now that's coming from a guy that says I am unprofessional. Let me tell u something, Boris,"the road course ringer," caused that wreck. He did the same thing to me earlier in the race off the carousel.

"Then Mr. Class pulls in behind my truck after the race today?! Shouldn't you go check on David and David? How unprofessional and disrespectful!"

NASCAR is investigating the skirmish between Biffle and Said, and penalties could be forthcoming later this week.

Biffle was not the only driver ticked off with Said, who wound up finishing 22nd.

Ragan tweeted, "Very hard hit today. Gonna be feeling it tomorrow. The prob with Boris is he has no respect for anyone."

Roush Fenway driver Matt Kenseth also put his two cents in.

"Boris once again showed off his road racing skills and great judgement," Kenseth noted on his Twitter account. "I'm sure Boris is a nice guy but he has caused 2 many wrecks during his cup races. He needs to stop racing over his head."

Here you go, folks, it's the next chapter in NASCAR's "Boys, have at it."