Is President Trump really immune from COVID-19 after negative test?

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MACCALLUM: Ready to roll. Bret, thank you very much. So, President Trump not really wasting any time. He is at the podium already at a rally in Sanford, Florida tonight. We just want to bring in for quick thoughts here, Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush and Fox News Contributor, and Juan Williams, Fox News Political Analyst, co-host of The Five. Gentlemen, while he is thanking everybody and getting rolling here. Karl, he is said to want to do a campaign rally or a big event almost every day this week just off of COVID-19. Your quick thoughts?


KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, he's back on the road and we'll see if this is a template for what we can expect in the next 21 days. How focused is he? Does he give a message that shows the contrast between he and Joe Biden? What's his narrative about who Biden is and what he's all about? Tonight, will be a tip off, if you will, about what we're likely to see in the days ahead.


MACCALLUM: Quick thought, Juan.


JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, it's his first event, Martha, back on the road after being diagnosed with COVID. His doctor says, he's well, but you got to wonder, no mask, few masks, no mask on him, few masks in the audience. And I think lots of people still concerned about how he's handled the virus.


MACCALLUM: He tossed a few masks out to the crowd on his way in. Let's listen in for a moment and we'll come back.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Look, we can't play games. The one thing I know for sure, President Xi of China did us no favor. President Putin of Russia, you look at around, Kim Jong-un, whatever happened to the war where he was supposed to be in with Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-un, there are 100 percent sharp, we have somebody running who is not 100 percent. He's not 80 percent. He's not 60 percent. We can't have this as a country. We can't have it.


Joe Biden is also owned by the radical globalists, the wealthy donors, the big money, special interests, who shipped away your job, shut down your factories, threw open your borders and ravaged our cities while sacrificing American blood and treasure in this ridiculous, endless wars, set of endless wars that we've been in for a long time, 19 years. They're all coming back home. You know that, right. They're all coming back home, our great warriors, our great soldiers.


The corrupt political class is desperate to regain their power by any means necessary. We're the ones standing in their way. We're the ones standing up for the American worker, the American family and for the American dream. And that's what we're doing on this beautiful evening, this beautiful evening in Florida. Do I like Florida? Did we win Florida last time? Was that beautiful? We won it.


You know, everything I hear, we're winning by a lot. Then you turn on the fake news. They say, the polls are tied in Florida, I don't get it. We had the same thing last year. Remember, four years ago, we had the same thing.


We're going to lose Florida, they said, four years ago by five points. They call that thing so early in the evening, we won by a lot and we're winning by a lot more now than we were four years ago. 22 days from now, we're going to win this state. We're going to win four more years in the White House. We're going to make our country greater than it has ever been before.


Thank you, ma'am. Thank you. This is the most important election in the history of our country, and I used to say it in 2016, I'm sorry at the time, I thought it was. These people are crazy. We have to win. Most important we've ever had.


Biden has made a corrupt bargain in exchange for his party's nomination. He's handed control to the socialists, the Marxists, and the Left-wing extremists, and you know that. And he's got no strength left. He's got no power left. He's got nothing going. If he wins, the radical left will be running the country and they're addicted to power. And God help us if they ever got it, because we would never have the same country again. And you couldn't make a comeback. You don't make comebacks from where they'd take us.


If I do not sound like a typical Washington politician, it's because, frankly, I'm not a politician. I'm embarrassed by the board. And if I don't always play by the rules of Washington establishment is because I was elected to fight for you and I fight harder than anybody has ever fought for you.


And I had a very nice life before this, I will tell you. A lot easier, but I love this and I would have never ever changed, because we are doing more for this country than any administration has ever done, despite the witch hunts and the phony stuff that we caught them on now, we caught them cold and we'll see what happens with that. Just watch. Stay tuned.


Right now, I'm fighting to make sure we eradicate the virus, rebuild the economy, and save our country from the radical left. We're hitting record stock market numbers, record 401(k)s, record stocks, record job numbers. Don't blow it, don't blow it.


Sleepy Joe wants to quadruple your taxes, you know, wants to quadruple. How about where he gets caught again. He said, oh, no, we're not going to give a tax increase, but we're going to terminate all of the Trump tax cuts. Well, that's $2000 plus child tax credits, plus all of the other things, you're talking about $6000, $7000, $8000 a year. I don't think Florida is going to be paying that per family.


And, if you add energy into that, we have energy at an all-time low. We're energy independent. Nobody ever thought that was going to happen. And when you're paying less than $2 at the pump like you are, nobody ever thought you'd see those days again. Those days are here for a long time if we're smart.


We've been beating China; we've been beating everybody. Until the plague came in, we were teaching China like they've never been taught before and they know it and they've told me that and they never thought it could happen. And we're very soon going to be doing it again. We achieved all of this despite the fact that we caught them cold. They were spying on our campaign - it's our campaign, not my campaign.


They were spying on our campaign and illegally trying to take down a very, very straightforward and legally sworn in administration, we were sworn in, they tried before the fact, they tried after the fact, we were an administration - and then they say, we want to know if you will agree with a friendly transfer of power. For four years, they've been trying to get us out of office. Four years, they've been trying to get us out, but we'll take care of it all after the election. We caught him cold. We caught him cold, bad people, crooked Hillary.


And by the way, Obama and Biden knew everything that was happening. OK, just in case you had any questions. We'll take care of it after the election. Joe Biden and the Democrat socialist, but that gives you another reason to go out and vote. We got to get in. As we know, they'll just sweep it under the rug.


Joe Biden and the Democrat socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders. You know that. Release criminal aliens confiscate your guns. No more Second Amendment, get used to it. Destroy your suburbs and drive God from the public square. That's what's going to happen.


You saw in the Pledge of Allegiance during the Democratic National Convention; they took the word God out twice. They said, oh, we made a mistake, excuse me. Then it happened the second time. We said, well, I guess that wasn't a mistake, right?


Biden even refuses to answer questions on the packing of the Supreme Court. Nobody even thought of that for many, many, many decades. And that's what they want to do. They can't get there legitimately. So, they say, that's all right. We'll just pack the court. We'll put a lot of super lefties on the court and we'll have a whole different country. No, not going to happen that way. We're not going to let it happen. You've got to get out and vote.


A lot of people said that I was elected because of the Supreme Court, because I said I'm going to put great conservative constitutionalist, great judges on the Supreme Court. I don't know if it's true, but if it is true, it's more true now than it was four years ago and you've got to get out and vote because they're going to destroy our country and they're going to destroy our U.S. Supreme Court. And we can't let that happen.


But who would have thought we're on number three? Other presidents have never had any. They've never had any. We're at three already, three and a half years. And I will say this, I will say this, it's driving them crazy. It's driving them crazy. And Amy is fantastic. A great intellect, a great scholar. I think she's going to be a fantastic U.S. Supreme Court justice.


As America saw earlier today, in Amy's opening statement in the Senate, Judge Barrett, a brilliant scholar who will defend our laws, our rights, our freedom and our Constitution, like very few people would have the capability of doing. The radical left is hell bent on destroying everything we love and cherish. They're enraged and unhinged out of vengeance, and nobody can believe what they're doing and where they're going. But we understand it. We understand their cancel culture. We're not letting them cancel culture us at all. We're proud of our country and we're proud of our heritage.


They want to punish the middle class, expunge every last trace of traditional values, and replace the American dream with a socialist nightmare, and that's what it is. They want to turn America into communist Cuba, a socialist Venezuela, and ruin the lives of Hispanic Americans and all Americans.


And I want to thank the Hispanic Americans down in Florida, you have been so incredible to Trump. Biden's agenda would be a catastrophe for Florida seniors and by the way, you know, Biden was a big lover of Castro. You do know that, right? And you know the deal that I broke. You saw that right as I came into office, Obama gave the whole planet away to Castro. And I said, no, thank you. We're not doing that. That's why we just got the Bay of Pigs award from the Cuban Americans. Thank you very much. And a lot of them are here. Thank you all very much. Bay of Pigs.


For years, Biden tried to cut Social Security and Medicare. You know all about that. Now Biden is pledging mass amnesty and federal health care for illegal aliens. Now, we all have heart, and we all want to take care of people. But what you're doing is you're telling millions of people to pour up into our country. We're going to give you education. We're going to give you health care. We're going to give you everything. We can't do it. We can't afford it. We can't take care of our own people. We have to take care of our people first. And if they let that happen, you would be decimating Medicare and destroying your Social Security.


Well, I'm president, no one will touch your Medicare, no one will touch or hurt in any way, shape, or form your Social Security. With your vote, I will finish building the strongest economy the world has ever seen. And we were there. Last year was the greatest year in the history of the state of Florida.


And I have to say, it was practically that way for almost every state in the Union, but it was Florida's best year. The year coming is going to be and you're going to see a great third quarter set of numbers coming out very soon just before the election. So, I'm putting myself in the spot. The third quarter numbers are going to be record setting, phenomenal numbers. Next year is going to be the best year we've ever had economically.


But as I've done from the beginning, I will keep every promise and I will always put America first. You haven't heard that, right? You haven't heard that from other people.


Under my leadership, we're delivering a safe vaccine and a rapid recovery like nobody can even believe. And if you look at our upward path, no country in the world has recovered the way we've recovered economically or otherwise, not even close. And if you vote for me, prosperity will search normal life. That's all we want. We want a normal life. We'll fully resume. And the Florida tourism and hospitality industries that I know so well will reach historic new highs, highs like they've never reached before.


Biden would terminate our recovery, delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic, and annihilate Florida's economy with the draconian, unscientific lockdown. That's what he wants to do. Lock it down, lock it down, everybody.


And you know what? If you don't feel good about going out, stay, relax, stay. You know the risk groups; you know the older people. See, fortunately, I'm not an old person. I'm very young and I'm in such perfect shape. Right? I'm in such great shape. I said that the other day, what are you doing? I said, well, I'm very young and I'm in great shape, perfect shape. And they said, Donald Trump misrepresented today again. He said he was in great shape, but he's very young. These people are the sickest of them all.  But the World Health Organization, did you see what happened, they just came out a little while ago and they admitted that Donald Trump was right. The lockdowns are doing tremendous damage to these Democrat run states where they're locked down, sealed up suicide rates, drug rates, alcoholism, deaths by so many different forms. You can't do that.


And I want to just congratulate the governor and everybody in Florida, you are open and open for business and doing good. And we got to remember, I said it right at the beginning, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Can't be. The cure cannot be worse. But if you don't feel good about it, if you want to stay, stay, relax, stay. But if you want to get out there, get out.


One thing with me, the nice part, I went through it. Now they say, I'm immune. I feel so powerful. I'll walk into that audience. I'll walk in there and I'll kiss everyone in that audience. I'll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and everybody, I'll just give you a big fat kiss. No, but there is something nice. I don't have to be locked up in my basement and I wouldn't allow that to happen anyway. I wouldn't allow it to happen. When you're the president, you can't lock yourself in a basement and say, I'm not going to bother with the world. You've got to get out and it's risky. It's risky, but you've got to get out.


But it does give you a good feeling when you can beat something. And now they say you're immune. I don't know for how long. Some people say for life. Some people say for four months. I mean, every time I think about it, every time I hear that we get shorter and shorter and shorter, because they want it to be as bad as possible. But it is a great feeling.


I want to thank, by the way, Walter Reed Medical Hospital, Johns Hopkins. These guys are incredible.


We're 90 percent better now than we were six, seven months ago in terms of a cure for people that get really sick. 90 percent. It's incredible what's happened. And with children, it's 99.9 percent. You're going to be OK. You're going to be OK. 99.9, they have a little better immune system. We just learned that better than you have, right? Better than we all have.


But we love our children, but we have to get our schools open, we have to get our businesses going back, we have to get our country rolling and it is rolling. You're going to see that when the numbers come out.


The Biden virus plan and you've got to remember, he took H1N1, which he always calls N1H1, he gets it mixed, I said, no, Joe, H comes first. But it's called the swine flu, right? And his own person, his chief of staff, said that he it was a disaster, the way they ran it, a much less lethal problem, but a disaster the way they ran it, a total catastrophe, it was so bad. It was so bad. And then he says, I'm going to tell him what to do.


But when I locked down China, he thought it was a terrible thing. He called me xenophobic, right, when I locked down China, which was in January, much earlier than what he said, then ultimately admitted, I'm right. But then he said, oh, he should have acted faster. Well, this was months later. Then he says, I should have acted. Nobody acted fast like I did. I also shut down, locked down Europe, if you remember.


And the bottom-line is, we saved millions of lives. When this first came out. If we didn't do a good job, they predicted 2.2 million people would die. We're 210,000. We shouldn't be at one. It's China's fault. They allowed this to happen. They allowed to escape. They allowed it to escape China. But 2.2 million people would have died. Just remember that. Just remember that, in fact, they don't like talking about. I have such respect for the people of this country, the way they've handled it. It's been an incredible, it's been an incredible love fest together. That's really what has been.


And sympathies from all of us to those people whose family members have died, whose friends - I've lost friends, I've lost friends. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.


You're going to love me even more. You're going to love me even more because we're years ahead on vaccines and they're going to be distributed very shortly. I mean, frankly, it's a big political deal going on where they don't want it to be before the election. Don't let it be. But we have great vaccines coming. Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer. I mean, we have great, great things happening with the vaccines. I think even greater with the cures and with the therapeutics. And maybe it's why I'm here with you. Maybe it's not - I'm not sure I know one thing. I was very happy to take it that I can tell you.


But through Operation Warp Speed, we're on track to have 100 million vaccine doses before the end of this year and they'll be delivered by the military and they're all set to go. They're waiting for final approval. And that vaccine will end the pandemic. But we're also launching a historic effort to bring your medical supply chains back.


In 1996, Joe Biden voted to obliterate Puerto Rico's thriving pharmaceutical industry. Remember, they used to have a great pharmaceutical industry. He cut it out and when he cut it out, he sent Puerto Rico into a nosedive like nobody has ever seen before. So, we're bringing it all back and we're bringing it back to Florida to, we're bringing it all the way back, taking our jobs away from China.


We're bringing them back from China. I'll reverse Biden's catastrophic decision. We'll bring it all back. The drug industry is coming back into Puerto Rico, coming back into, by the way, Pennsylvania, coming back into North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, coming back into Michigan, coming back into Ohio. We're bringing it all back.


Last month, I also announced an additional $13 billion in disaster relief for Puerto Rico and for Florida. Have I taken care of Florida? Have I taken care of Florida?


My administrations allocated over $60 billion and if you look at Florida, your great governors, your last two governors have been great, your two senators, great, they're always calling, asking for money. But I guess that's what they're supposed to be doing. And I'm always giving it when it comes to Florida. The Panhandle got hit really hard over the last two years. We took care of the Panhandle. So, days ago, I was honored to receive the endorsement of the governor of Puerto Rico. Can you believe that? Right.


Wanda Vazquez Garced, and she was so nice. We're also joined by several great Puerto Rican community leaders, Jay Rosario, Gabe Ruiz, Daisy Morales, Mayra Guzman-Kaslow and candidate for Congress Dr. Leo Valentin. Please, where are you?


I'm not going to say the best, but I'm just about the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico. You better vote for me, Puerto Rico. You better vote for me. But I'll always be fighting for Puerto Rico, it's very unfair the way they were treated by Democrats. And while Biden will surrender your jobs to China, your country and your fellow politicians and I have a lot of great ones right here, including your governor.


But we're never going to - we will never allow ourselves to even think about surrendering to the Left-wing mob, they're on the run.


They're on the run. Better not have them have a little bit of a victory, because if they have even a little victory, it's not going to be good. I'm bringing our jobs back home and putting violent criminals behind bars. I'm working with your political leaders. We've also directed the FBI to immediately investigate the destruction of the Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln statues in Portland and to prosecute the offenders to the fullest extent of federal law.


Biden supporters are causing mayhem in the streets. If he wins, there will be nothing but bedlam all over the place. But he's not going to win. If he won, he may be the worst presidential candidate in history, and I got him. I got him.


It actually puts more pressure on. If you ran against a great candidate, there's actually less pressure. You want to know the truth. Thank you. Thank you.


We want to keep our country great. We're bringing it to a level that it's never been, our military has equipment, the likes of which nobody has ever seen. No country has ever seen or made in the USA. Rockets, missiles, tanks, ships, the likes of which jet fighters, bombers, tankers, the likes of which no country has ever seen before, our nuclear arsenal is the strongest by far in the world, the strongest it's ever been. And I hope to God we never have to even think about using it. And the way you won't have to use it is to have it.


At our debate, Biden could not name a single law enforcement organization that supports him, not one. And that's because - and by the way, did Vice President Mike Pence do a great job? He did. He did a great job.


But it's because Biden and Harris, that's another great one. There was nobody so mean to Biden than her, nobody and so brilliantly, I said he can't pick her because nobody treated him as badly, although I will say this, had Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren got out prior to Super Tuesday, we would have had Bernie instead. But I'd rather have Biden because he's now alienated the Left, he's alienated the Right. Nobody knows what the hell he stands for.


How about Pennsylvania? He goes to Pennsylvania for a year and a half, he's against fracking. The day he gets the nomination through a little luck because she didn't get out, so she took all of Bernie's votes right. But gets - the following day, he said, I'm in favor of fracking, but he's not. And it doesn't matter because the radical left will never let Pennsylvania and Texas and Oklahoma and North Dakota and Ohio, never let them frack. That's over with.


But can you imagine and the press, you know, which is fake and corrupt, the press never said, have you ever heard him ask once, well, wait a minute. For one year, you said there will be no fracking. And he said it strongly, right. Read my lips, right. To use an old expression, read my lips. There would be no fracking that didn't work out too well.


So, now he goes, and he says there will be fracking. Not once have I asked - have I heard the question. Not once have I asked why Hunter was able to take $3.5 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Not once have I heard these frauds back there. Not once have I heard the fake news. Not once have I heard him say $1 billion. If you don't change that prosecutor, you're not getting the billion dollars. And then he goes, the prosecutor was changed, a prosecutor against his son.


Not once have I heard them talking about that question. Can you imagine if we did that? And on top of everything else, the Democrat Party declared war on our great police and law enforcement. That's what it is.


So, I proudly received the endorsements of the Fraternal Order of Police, the National Association of Police Organization, the National Troopers Coalition, the International Union, the Police Association, the National Latino Police Officers Association. The Florida police chiefs and all of these incredible organizations plus all over the country, and when I asked them, name one organization, give me one organization during our debate where he was saved by the moderator about four times, he couldn't answer it. Name one law enforcement organization. He couldn't name one. Then I said, say the words law enforcement. Just say it couldn't do it.


He couldn't say it. We're joined tonight by a great group of people, warriors, really warriors, who came to me a couple of years ago. He said, I want to run for governor. I said, Ron, I don't know. Do they know you well enough? But he was a great defender and a brilliant guy. Harvard, Yale, top of his class, smart as hell. Nobody knows how smart. Don't tell too many people, he likes to catch you by surprise. But he's a great, great guy and he's been a great friend. I said, all right, I'll endorse you. I endorsed him and the rest, he went like a rocket ship and he handled the pressure and his wife, Casey, is better than him. I've been saying it for a long time, Governor Ron DeSantis.


Great guy, great, great couple, great, great couple. Smart, brilliant, sit down, please. Really just a great - they're a great group of people. Those people are great. And he surrounds himself with incredible people, with the exception, of course of Representative Matt Gaetz.




TRUMP: Matt Gaetz. You talk about a warrior, right? Ron, what do you think, huh? Matt Gaetz is a great man, a great gentleman, and what a future he has. I don't know about swap it but I think I might. Great. Thank you, Matt. Thank you. Thank you both for being here. I appreciate it.


John Rutherford, where is John? John? Thank you, John. Mike Waltz. Mike, thank you.




TRUMP: Thank you. Nice couple. Gus Bilirakis.




TRUMP: Gus. Congressional candidate. To somebody who is supposed to be potentially a superstar. We've heard that a lot. Sometimes it works out, it's going to in his case. Scott Franklin.




TRUMP: Scott, thank you. He's got the look he could be. That's good. That's good. I hear good things, Scott. Going well? How's he doing? Ron, he's doing good? Ron says you are doing good. Good. You've got to win. Thank you, Scott, very much.


Kimberly, where is Kimberly? Kimberly.




TRUMP: Thank you. I watched you coming and speaking I said that's a lot to follow. Kimberly is great. I want to thank Kimberly. And finally, we're joined by a group of amazing supporters who recently walked away from the Democrats and will be voting for us. We have a lot of them.




TRUMP: A lot of them. And a lot of them in law enforcement. A lot of law enforcement. They were Democrats. In some cases, they left their parties and in other cases they just said, no, we're voting for Trump. I said why are you doing that? We have no choice. I said you are right, you are right. But nobody has been better to law enforcement than I have.


You know, when I first came in, we gave away hundreds of millions of dollars of military equipment that was in storage. It wasn't doing anybody any good. It was collecting dust, probably paying rent all over the place. That's probably why they had it, come to think of it. Well look how far that crowd goes back? Hey, cameras, would you please -- man, look at that.




TRUMP: Man, that's into those hangers.




TRUMP: Wow. You know, these are the real polls. So, when did you hear about this meeting, like a day ago? These are the real polls, right? The other guy gets out there and he's -- they worked, and work, and work, and 30 people show up. They put them in those crazy circles, right? They only have the circles because that's the only way they can fill up the room. It's true.


But that's a fantastic group of people, thank you. Same thing over here. I wish the fake news would turn the cameras. You know, for a long time I didn't think the cameras moved that way. But then, any time there was a little sign of problems they can twist around like a pretzel. And I realized they could. But they don't like to show those crowds. But that is a massive amount. I don't know how people are here but you got a lot. I want to thank you.




TRUMP: So, this evening, we are also praying for all of the families on the Florida Panhandle affected by hurricane Sally. And I will tell you, Ron, Marco, and everybody, I will tell you. Rick. Everybody has been calling, and calling, and calling. Matt Gaetz has been driving us a little crazy. Matt, you could take it a little easier.


But that's what somebody that's good is supposed to do. Right? They are supposed to call. But we take care of the Panhandle, and we are doing it at a level that's never been done before. And I've done it. I think I can say right from the beginning, right?


I tell the story about Ron DeSantis, he came to see me. He just became governor. We had a hurricane. Sir, thank you very much for the money you sent to the Panhandle in Florida. I appreciate it. Good, Ron. Good. I hope it's enough, good. Spend it well.


I get a call three days later sir, can I see you? And I'm watching tonight. I said, you will have to come up. He told no, no, no it's very important. Sir, he comes into the Oval Office, sir, can we have an extra $500 million? I said, Ron, will it ever end, Ron? And one thing I found out, it never ends for the Panhandle and for Ron. But we take care of it, right Ron?




TRUMP: We take care of it. Great, great people. You have great people. They are warriors. I'll tell you they are warriors, they are fighters. We need more people like that. I will tell you.


Last month I approved a major disaster declaration for the state of Florida. And I will be with you through every step of the rebuilding and you will be hit with others.


The one thing we know about Florida, you are very good at this stuff, you get hit by hurricanes and you rebuild. And you rebuild fast. And it's incredible. I have watched, I have watched. And you know one much, LPD, you are proud people, you are incredible people, you put it back together. But we are there for you all the way.


And we're there monetarily and we're there with FEMA. And I think, Ron, FEMA has been incredible, haven't they? Right? They have been incredible. Thank you to FEMA. We have a lot of FEMA people here, right over there.


We spent the last four years reversing the damage Biden has inflicted over the last 47 years with that ridiculous, dumb thought, NAFTA, TPP, and China's entry into the World Trade Organization, a disaster for our country.




TRUMP: You know, China is considered a developing nation. I stopped that. China is considered a developing -- in other words, China is so wonderful they are developing, isn't that nice. Now by being a developing nation they get much more benefits than a nation that's not a developing nation.


So, I said well, we are a developing nation too if they are a developing nation. And we just won, you know this, we just 17 and half billion dollars from the World Trade Organization.




TRUMP: And from the World Health Organization, I took us out. They said why did you do that? I said number one, they are wrong on everything although they corrected themselves today and they said I was right for the lockdowns. But I said number two, why are we paying 500 million a year and China, which has 1.4 billion people is paying 39 million a year? Explain that. They couldn't explain it. It was very hard to explain.


So, I took us out for that and other reasons. OK? So, we'll see what happens with that.




TRUMP: But these are the deals -- I could go over hundreds of different things with you, and just common sense, I mean, common sense what we do. Think of it, World Health Organization. We spent -- we have 325 million people. We spent $500 million. China spends $39 million and China dominates them. I said it doesn't work that way anymore. It doesn't work that way anymore.




TRUMP: They will take us back in so fast it will be much less money. For decades, our politicians spent trillions and trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations. Fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders. But now, we are finally protecting our nation, rebuilding our cities, and we are bringing our jobs and our factories, and our troops back home. To the USA.




MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: President Trump in Sanford, Florida, tonight, just north of Orlando. We want to bring in with some reaction this evening to how he is doing so far tonight, back on the campaign trail for the first time since his COVID-19 diagnosis.


Governor Mike Huckabee, former 2016 presidential candidate and Fox News contributor, and Mike Meehan, chief executive officer of Squared Communications and an old campaign hand as well.


Good to have both of you with us tonight. Thank you very much for being here. Let me go to you first, Governor Huckabee. The president there is lot of discussion about how we came out on the balcony on Saturday. He was going to talk for 30 minutes, only talked for 16.


So then, that ramped up a whole another round of speculation that he was weak, that he wasn't doing as well as he said he was doing. He seems to have a lot of energy tonight. I think that's pretty clear.


MIKE HUCKABEE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, I think most people who have even had a little touch of a cold would like to have that kind of energy. The man is 74 years old and he's out there in the Florida heat and humidity. And he is like a tent evangelist.


I mean, this is pretty amazing. I mean, he just got of the hospital a few days ago from COVID. I think if there's any question as to whether he is fit to be president, he is erasing that tonight. And he is coherent, he is fluid, he's having a good time, he's in his element.


MACCALLUM: But, Governor --




HUCKABEE: And I think one of the things that the press can't handle, Martha, he has a great sense of humor. He has fun doing what he does. They take everything seriously and that's why they never have gotten him. But the American people do.


MACCALLUM: So, you think it was -- how seriously do you take the superman suit idea?


HUCKABEE: I doubt that's true. I mean, the source was the New York Times. I mean, that's got to be the most absolutely disgustingly unreliable source when it comes to anything about Donald Trump that there has ever been.


MACCALLUM: Well, you know, Mike Meehan, there's obviously a lot of discussion about whether it was safe for the president to go back on the campaign trail. This is a candidate and a president who has 22 days left. He's got some numbers that obviously he's looking at and sees the need to turn around. What do you think?


MICHAEL MEEHAN, CEO, SQUARED COMMUNICATIONS: Look, if you had a kid who went to school with someone who had COVID they wouldn't go back to school for 14 days. It's highly irresponsible for this man to be in front of a bunch of people with no masks. There's no way our kids could go to school if this was the case, whether they had it or whether they were next to somebody who had it.


So, this is insane what he is doing right now. He gets that run away that he wants, he's got 22 days. But if this race is being decided by COVID, he's losing seniors, he's losing women, because he can't keep the White House safe, how can he keep your house safe?


MACCALLUM: Governor Huckabee, do you want to respond to that?


HUCKABEE: I didn't realize that your other guest was a medical doctor. You know, his own doctors who are the finest in the world from Johns Hopkins and Walter Reed said it was OK for him to do this. So, I don't know why all these reporters somehow are better medical practitioners than the people who actually went to medical school and are giving him advice.




MEEHAN: Well, I'm not a reporter. I'm not a reporter, Governor. But the problem is, is that, if your kid or your grandkids were in school with somebody with COVID they couldn't go back to school for 14 days. That's what the medical doctors are saying.




MACCALLUM: Well, there are people, Mike, who think that those rules are onerous as well. You know, if the doctor clears you, then you should probably be able to go back. I would also point out that the president is probably is 25 feet from anybody in that crowd.


But Governor Huckabee, I think a lot of folks do look at the crowd. And you know some people do have masks on in that crowd, but they just get worried about them all packed in there so close in that environment.


HUCKABEE: I don't even disagree with that. Look, I'm a lot more careful than most of the people in that crowd. But that's what America is about it. Let's us make our own decisions. Quite frankly, Martha, when I go places, I do wear a mask. I do sanitize and I social distance because I don't want to get the stuff.




HUCKABEE: I may not get this, you know, greater care as some other people. So, I'm very careful. But I'm also in the age group, I've had double pneumonia, but that's my responsibility to take care of myself. I don't expect everybody else to stop their lives because I'm trying to be careful.


MACCALLUM: All right.


HUCKABEE: And that's what I really do believe has got to be remembered in all of this.


MACCALLUM: Couple of things, Mike, before we run out of time. The president is addressing this WHO story today. That they think the lockdown was overdone, that they are concerned that it has made globally, it's made the poor more poor. It has doubled poverty levels, doubled malnutrition levels. So, they're really pointing the finger back and saying that this lockdown may have been -- may have been a mistake, may have been overdone to a dangerous degree.


MEEHAN; Well, it's abundantly clear if you make your living, you know, talking on TV or able to work from home you have bounce back from this recovery. But if you make your living in a service sector, if you are a restaurant worker, if you are a schoolteacher going to teach kids, those people are having harder time bouncing back because of that. There's no question about that.


And you saw Joe Biden today in Ohio talking about how to get people back to work but to do it safely, and to do it responsibility. And there's a big choice. He's playing offense in Ohio while Donald Trump is playing defense in Florida in a state that he carried last time.


So, Joe Biden is opening up the map because he has a message of let's get the economy back to work by getting the virus under control by following common sense health standards.


MACCALLUM: You know, I notice that the president was saying look, if you don't want to go out you shouldn't go out. You can stay home. I mean, there is obviously a lot of seniors that live in Florida and the president seems to be dragging in that category and it may be because of the handling of coronavirus, Governor. Real quick before we go.


HUCKABEE: Yes. I don't think that's the issue. And I think he's got plenty of time to make it up. But I'd finally say that let's also remember that today Joe Biden announced that he was running for the U.S. Senate. So, if we want to talk about good health, let's open that can of worms --




MACCALLUM: Did he say that again today?


HUCKABEE: -- and let's talk about it.


MACCALLUM: He said it in the past.








MACCALLUM: Michael Meehan, thank you. Good to have you here tonight. Governor Huckabee, good to have you here as well.


So, you saw it here, President Trump not taking it easy. He's back out there and we understand that he is going to go to North Carolina, he's going to go to Iowa, going to go to Pennsylvania, all this week.


Dr. Richard Besser joins us with the facts on immunity which the president just spoke about. And I know everybody at home wonders. Are you immune if you've had it? Are you not immune if you've had it? We're going to talk about it, after this.


TRUMP: -- and why hasn't he even arrested? We sent in the U.S. marshals. In 15 minutes, it was all over. 15 minutes






MACCALLUM: Well, the president said he wanted to get back out on the road. He wanted to rally second rallies again. He is in the middle of the first one tonight and he has several more planned over the course of this week, back-to-back.


And it's the first time he's really been out at one of these events since he tested positive for COVID-19. His physician put out a memo late Saturday assuring the public that he's, quote, "no longer considered a transmission risk to others." The president followed up with these moments ago. Watch this.




TRUMP: One thing with me, the nice part. I went through it and now they say I'm immune. I can feel -- I feel so powerful. But it does give you a good feeling when you can beat something and now, they say you are immune. I don't know for how long. Some people say for life, some people say for four months.




MACCALLUM: All right, so let's see what this person says. Dr. Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting director of the CDC. Dr. Besser, thank you for being here tonight.




MACCALLUM: What was your reaction when you heard the president talked about being immune? He actually said he wanted to go out and kiss everyone in the audience too. But he did not do that, I should point out.


BESSER: Well, I'm glad he didn't do that. One of the things that's clear is that there is still a lot we don't know about this virus. And infections with this virus. It appears that once you've had this infection, there is some degree of protection. But it's not clear how long that lasts and how complete.


You know, there have been a few very well-documented cases who have had COVID once and have gotten again with a slightly different -- different variety of the virus. And so that's clear. But if there was no immunity, we would have expected that that would be a much more common occurrence.


You know, one of the things that's really important is if you don't get some degree of immunity from the natural infection, it's highly unlikely that a vaccine which tries to mimic in a sense in an infection would work. And so, you know, the thinking is there is some degree of protection.


MACCALLUM: Yes. I think that's a great point. You know, because the whole basis of a vaccine is that you could essentially give someone a little bit of their antibody, fights it off, and builds that kind of immunity.


There was a Harvard piece that came out, I guess today or yesterday that talks about so far it looks like there's about four months of immunity in many of the patients that they have had part of that study. And you know, is that just because that's about how long they've been able to look at it so far? And that it could be longer than that?


BESSER: Well, there are different types of immunity.




BESSER: So, you know, if you had an infection you give a blood sample, they can measure protective factors called antibodies. And for a number of infections over time, those will go away. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have no protection because we have cells in our body, a certain types of white blood cells, that when they are exposed again will very quickly start to produce more antibodies.


And so, scientists are going to be following and are following people over longer periods of time to see, well, once that antibodies go away, what level of protection do you have? Is it totally on? Or do you still have protection and how much?


You know the other questions that have to be answered, is if you had this infection once and you're exposed to the virus is it possible that you could still transmit it to somebody else but not get sick yourself?


So, a lot of questions that still need to be answered. It's one of the reasons why the recommendations from CDC are if you've had the infection, you should still follow the same precautions as other people from the social distancing and hand washing, and wearing masks.


MACCALLUM: It's very interesting. You know, with regard to what my last guest said, you know, why is it OK, why does the doctor tell the president that he is not transmitting the virus anymore after 10 days or so. We don't know exactly because we don't know when his last negative test was.


And a child might be told that they have to stay home from school for 14 days before they can go back to the classroom. Why would that be?


BESSER: Well, I mean, there are couple of things. If someone has had mild to moderate COVID, so they haven't been hospitalized, they weathered this fairly well. The CDC recommendations are that after 10 days and at least 24 hours of no fever without medication, you can go -- you can go back to your regular activities.


If you have had severe disease, so you've required oxygen and other medication, then the recommendation is that you be isolated for up to 20 days. And so, there's a difference there between the two types of scenarios. And you know for each individual it will vary.


The president has had all kinds of different testing that isn't available to the general public. And so the question there in terms of their testing they did not find any virus that was alive, even though it sounds like they found little bits of fragments.


MACCALLUM: Dr. Richard Besser, always good to talk to you, sir. Thank you very much.


BESSER: Likewise.


MACCALLUM: Democracy 2020 continues after this.




TRUMP: A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe --




MACCALLUM: We've been watching the president in Florida, he's going to try to make up for lost time very, very packed schedule for him over the course of this week as he tries to make up some of the missed time last week.


His opponent Joe Biden also on the trail today focused on the economy in Ohio. A state that President Trump won by eight points in 2016, but it is a razor-thin margin of less than one in the average of polls right now.


Let's go to correspondent Jacqui Heinrich is covering the Biden camp tonight. Hi, Jackie.


JACQUI HEINRICH, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Martha. President Trump won Ohio in 2016, it is considered a crucial stage for his reelection. And until recently, Biden hasn't focused a lot of attention there instead campaigning in nearby battlegrounds like Michigan and Pennsylvania which President Trump won by a narrower margin


But the polls had Biden with a razor-thin advantage in Ohio and he kept the focus on his economic plan. Speaking to auto industry union workers Biden slam President Trump for job losses and touted his own role rescuing a million auto industry jobs during the 2008 recession under President Obama.


Biden largely ignored the confirmation hearings underway on Capitol Hill making only a single mention at each stop and even then, he steered the focus away from Judge Barrett herself, saying this nomination is about President Trump's crusade to eliminate his predecessor's healthcare plan.




JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: With fewer jobs than he had when he came to office. Donald Trump's only plan is more tax cuts for the wealthy.


Most of you if you have hell of job, pay more, and he pay less --




HEINRICH: Republicans want to cease on any democratic cynicism of Judge Barrett over her faith because it breaks the American standard of not judging folks based on religion. Democrats did criticized Barrett on her faith during her appellate court hearings and the Trump campaigns already made attack ads out of it. Today Joe Biden caution against a repeat, saying Judge Barrett should not be judged on her faith.


Now since getting back on the campaign trail, Biden has stayed largely on script but today he seemed back in the habit of telling long anecdotes that in the past have led to gaffes. The Trump campaign is seizing on a couple moments one where he appeared to forget Mitt Romney's name, two others where he misspoke, one saying he was running for senates. But he did correct himself both times, Martha.


MACCALLUM: All right. Jacqui Heinrich, thank you very much covering the Biden campaign throughout the course of this whole election.


So that is THE STORY of Monday, October the 12th, 2020. Very intense period we're coming into here with 22 days to go. So, stay with us every night on THE STORY as we continue to cover it for you. We will see you back here tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. Good night, everybody.


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