New York Woman Reportedly Arrested While Videotaping Police

A New York state police department is reportedly probing the arrest of a woman who was videotaping police during a traffic stop on a residential street.

Emily Good, 28, was arrested on May 12 and charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration in Rochester, N.Y., the Democrat and Chronicle reports. She is scheduled to appear in Rochester City Court for a proceeding on Monday, according to police.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard said he has received a video of a woman's arrest by city officers.

"I have researched the incident and determined that the case is currently proceeding through the adjudication process," Sheppard said in the statement. "... With the case still pending and my unfamiliarity with the specific details, any assumptions at this time would be premature."

The department's professional standards section has not received a formal complaint, Sheppard said.

The video, which can be seen here, depicts a woman being told by a police officer to go inside her home while she is videotaping. The unnamed officer told her several times that he did not feel safe.

In response, the National Press Photographers Association Inc., based in Durham, N.C., said there's "no excuse" for officers not to recognize a citizen's right to take photographs or video of an event occurring on a public street.

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